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Hyper: Yes, 'Nobody Knows (Dare mo Shiranai)' is directed by Koreeda, as Dan said.
Originally Posted by Dan
Let's sing to avoid the sadness!
Ha ha, Dan (you'll read this in September, I guess?) , I don’t mean to make this thread depressing, but it is a part of Japanese culture as Hyper said. In fact Japanese love the sadness, you probably hear it in J-pop melodies.

Japan was No. 1 in economy in the 80s (call it 'bubble'). Japanese became highly materialistic and spoiled at the time. I think money made people cold as well -‘ No-interests, No-emotion and No-spirit’-was a phenomenon.

This still remains in the culture, which is well presented in ‘Nobody Knows’. Nobody wants to get involved with you-like my friend passed out on the platform during the busy morning rushhour-she woke up few minute later, realized no one helped her. Last time I went back, I had hard time carrying my suitcase down the stairs. As I knew no one was going to help me, I had to bug people, and they helped me unpleasantly. They are generally nicer to the Westerners, but don’t be surprised if you get no help – especially in a big city.

High suicide rate-the economy is bad in Japan now, but people have been saving. As a result, unemployed people (mainly 18-40yrs old) stay home and do nothing. Their parent pays the fee from their savings. No wonder they are depressed.

Sorry, but this is the dark side of Japan. I still feel depressed when I go back. Maybe the combination of florescent lights, concrete and the lack of space. No place to rest without spending money. And everything is expensive!

For the sake of Japanese, I have to tell you good things, too -they are generally kind once you get to know. They are just a little afraid, but serious, hardworking and honest people.
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