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Originally Posted by CiTiZeN_isErAsEd View Post
ORLY? Sounds like you're talking about Undisclosed Desires.
Undisclosed Desires at least has a unique melody. Guiding Light isn't terrible, but it's not a very creative song. They can do much better, and perhaps if they didn't put so much synth in the first five seconds, I would enjoy it much more. And the only part I really find emotional, is when Matt finally settles his voice down and stops trying so hard to be emotional, in the last minute. And I'm not a fan of RnB (if UD can be likened to that genre) so the fact that I rate UD so highly is an indicator for me that they did a good job. I don't find it to be that cheesy, but everyone else on the forums seems to think so.

So far it seems to be generally accepted that Sunburn, Showbiz, and Muscle Museum, Uno, Unintended and Cave are the best songs on Showbiz.
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