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Survival, Supremacy and Fury

Originally Posted by MartianSpaghettiRider View Post
Maybe not the silliest ever in my agenda, but still...

"I will light the fuse / And I'll never lose" (Survival).

That straight rhyme gets me every time (oh, gosh... Now I've made one, too).
Yeah, though to be fair, I think that goes along well with the cheesy nature of the Olympics hype.

Originally Posted by Tjet View Post
"Brainwashing our children to be mean" and "And we'll pray that there's no God To punish us and make a fuss" are the worst offenders imo. Otherwise good lyrics that are ruined by one world which makes it feel really childish.
Wow, I didn't think that I'd actually see someone disliking Fury! I figured most fans like that song. But yeah, I agree on both of those. The Supremacy one was on my list too.
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