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Albany/Schenectady anyone?

A Generous soul has come to the rescue. You Musers are the Shiznit!!!
I will report after the show. looking forward to meeting some of you!

TIRO!!! Concert is tomorrow and my GF and I no longer have a ride as of yesterday! We are trying to swing it for train or bus tickets to NYC Penn Station I believe. Even the Chinese Bus isn't cheap with no notice! Any fellow Musers coming through Albany, NY. Schenectady is where we live but getting to Albany is no prob. This will be the second time seeing them (Bostonrones) I had to create this username as I cannot post with mus3ishun the login I created years ago and used to get presale tickets. Wonder why I can't post now..
PM or email if you want to seriously gain Karma I promise to pay this forward and look forward to meeting more people like ourselves. NOT A HOOKUP! lol
We are respectable yet fun late 40s fans of Muse in need of transportation.

PS If she bought these tickets and doesn't go I will be a dead man... So Save A Life my friends!!!

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