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Originally Posted by Maija View Post
No you're not. I find it ironic too.
I think USoE can be taken in more than one way, it can be taken as a patrotric attack on America, basically saying that if we all get together, we can be more powerful and better than you, so stop messing with us; or it can be a satire mocking America; or it can be about an end to war and power through unity; but ultimately Collateral Damage hints at the dangers of superstates so I suppose in that way it it's ironic to use it, though it was probably used to celebrate the power of unity.

Anyway the vocal in the clip isn't too good.
"When all your strength has gone, and you feel wrong, like your life has slipped away, follow me, you can follow me" okay

"I just don't care if it's real, that won't change how it feels"
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