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Originally Posted by SerpentSatellite View Post
Mass appeal isn't a bad thing on its own, though.
I just don't see the point getting excited about Muse gaining more mainstream popularity if that means they keep making songs I don't like. If they're enjoying themselves, more power to them, but what kind of "gateway" is it, really?
It's not like the mainstream is going to get into TC and then suddenly everyone's into CE, or Fury or something. I don't think it's going to lead to the band's other material clicking with people.
I don't disagree with you but that was basically my experience with the band. Granted, BH&R is generally looked on favorably but Starlight isn't really the most representative of classic Muse. Nevertheless, that was the song that got my attention more so than other songs of theirs that I had heard. Here we are a decade later and OoS is my favorite album. I may be the exception but sometimes I think people just need the right song to convince them to give a band a real shot.
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