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It's gone, but here are some quotes from those who attended.

"she was so young still, so beautiful and had such great sound."

"Im actually in a state of shock. Knights of Cydonia will never be the same again."

"RIP Glitterati, the guitar that brought us great hits like Stockholm Syndrome, New Born, and Uprising. We will miss your sound, your oh so smexy finish, and your amazing ability to cause Dominic Howard such trouble. You were a true fighter, triumphing over opponents such as drumkits, amplifiers and the aforementioned H...oward's forehead, and it took a thirty foot fall from a tower to finally end you. Though your body may be broken, and your sparkles left to die, you will never be forgotten. May your replacement uphold your legacy, and your sound be forever remembered."
6 August 2007 - Madison Square Garden
5 March 2010 - Madison Square Garden
23 October 2010 - Nassau Coliseum
15 April 2013 - Madison Square Garden
16 April 2013 - Madison Square Garden
25 May 2013 - Emirates Stadium
26 May 2013 - Emirates Stadium
8 May 2015 - Webster Hall
27 January 2016 - Barclays Center
29 January 2016 - Prudential Center
22 July 2017 - Jones Beach
24 July 2017 - Central Park
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