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Harald Harestad
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Cool For funnsies - worst Muse setlist?

We can all debate and submit our favourite set-lists.

But do we have the courage it takes to submit " The Worst Muse Set-list" ?

it's a tough mission - pretty impossible to be honest. so we'll make due with a set-list of four songs.

1. sober
2. overdue
3. do we need this?
4. instant messenger

it's wrong though cus I absolutely adore these songs, but out of allllll the muse songs on alllll the muse albums, ep's, singles, these are the ones who would make a rather poor live performance. would be cool if the band just performed these songs and made a hell of a show in pure spite. Mr Bellamy, Mr Howard and Mr Wolstenhome, you are hereby challanged!
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