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Showbiz, Muscle Museum, Sunburn, Fillip, Uno, Cave, Unintended, Every other song in the album

I personally think most of SB is fairly meh and can't really rank the latter end of the list in all fairness

Space Dementia, Micro Cuts, Citizen Erased, Futurism, Hyper Music, Darkshines, Bliss, Plug in Baby, New Born, Megalomania, Screenager, Feeling Good

Rating songs on OoS is hard and unfair, I personally love all the songs on the list from SD to NB. The last three are good too, but they've never been on the same level of greatness for me.

Ashamed, HCM, The Gallery, Recess, Yes Please, Nature_1, Forced In, Shine(A) Shrinking Universe, Map of Your Head

Fury, Stockholm Syndrome, Apocalypse Please, Butterflies and Hurricanes, Interlude/Hysteria, Sing for Absolution, TIRO, The Small Print, Ruled by Secrecy, Everything else on the album

Kinda same as with SB.

Black Holes and Revelations:
Assassin, Glorious, Map of the Problematique, Supermassive Black Hole, Take a Bow, Knights of Cydonia, City of Delusion, Exo-Politics, Invincible, Starlight, Hoodoo, Soldier's Poem

The Resistance:
Unnatural Selection, Uprising, MK Ultra, I Belong to You, Exo 1-3, Resistance, Undisclosed Desires, United States of Eurasia(+ Collateral Damage) Guiding Light

The 2nd Law:
Supremacy, Animals, Prelude/Survival, Liquid State, Big Freeze, Panic Station, Unsustainable, Madness, Isolated System, Explorers, Follow Me, Save Me

Drill Sergeant/Psycho, The Handler, Reapers, Dead Inside, Mercy, JFK/Defector, The Globalist, Drones, Aftermath, Revolt

Non-album songs(probably forgetting some):
Dead Star, Easily, In Your World, We Are the Universe, Execution Commentary, Nishe, Agitated, Host
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