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Muscle Museum, Sunburn, Showbiz, Falling Down, Fillip, Unintended, Cave, Escape, Hate This And I'll Love You, Uno, Sober, Overdue

New Born, Citizen Erased, Futurism, Micro Cuts, Space Dementia, Hyper Music, Plug In Baby, Bliss, Feeling Good, Dark Shines, Megalomania, Screenager

Time Is Running Out, Hysteria, Falling Away With You/Interlude, Stockholm Syndrome, Butterflies & Hurricanes, Intro/Apocalypse Please, Ruled By Secrecy, Sing For Absolution, Blackout, Endlessly, The Small Print, Thoughts Of A Dying Atheist

Map Of The Problematique, Supermassive Black Hole, Starlight, Knights Of Cydonia, Take A Bow, City Of Delusion, Soldier's Poem, Assassin, Hoodoo, Invincible, Exo-Politics

United States of Eurasia / Collateral Damage (Excerpt from Nocturne in E-Flat, Op. 9, No. 2), Exogenesis Symphony, Undisclosed Desires, MK Ultra, Uprising, I Belong To You / Mon coeur s'ouvre a ta voix, Resistance, Unnatural Selection, Guiding Light (love it, but's not quite up there with the rest of these)

Madness, Panic Station, The 2nd Law: Isolated System, Prelude/Survival, Supremacy, Animals, Explorers, The 2nd Law: Unsustainable, Save Me, Big Freeze, Liquid State, Follow Me

Reapers, Revolt, Dead Inside, The Handler, The Globalist/Drones, [Drill Sergeant]/Psycho, Mercy, [JFK]/Defector, Aftermath

Dig Down
The Cydonian Rhapsody of Rocinante
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