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Originally Posted by james90 View Post
Yeah I saw that earlier. The thing is that I spent far too much time and money copying JH's actual setup, rather than using readily available guitars, pedals, and amps that most people have access to.

And nope, I don't really intend to change anything. I did replace a pot, but that was necessary as the original broke. It completely ruined my day as well, as I didn't even have the correct short shaft ones, and had to use a long shaft.

It's slowly eating away at me, knowing that it's not the same as the other three.
Oops, so sorry I posted in the wrong thread. Had multiple tabs opened and I thought this was the General Gear one.

We (maybe just me) need a picture of all your GP's together, James. That has to be a rarer sight than multiple Manson's nowadays
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