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Originally Posted by haarpabaloo View Post
Simple question: which era of Muse can you not get enough of these days (including B-sides)? Showbiz, OOS, Abso, etc?

It took me awhile to get into Showbiz because of how raw, idiosyncratic and frankly bizarre the songs are. But recently it just clicked and I can't get enough of MM, Cave, Uno, Unintended, Spiral, Recess, etc. I've just never heard anything else like those songs.

How about you guys?
Same. I just finally got Showbiz on CD and I've been hooked for the past few days. The musicianship is just incredible, the songs are totally unique, the sound is pure unbridled angst and despair in the best possible way, everything is catchy, everything will hit you in the feels...what a debut. A band that can make a debut this strong can only succeed.

Also, Matt actually writing personal lyrics is super effective. I love the later conceptual nonsense too, but this is so impactful, it's great.
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