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Originally Posted by bumpypotato View Post
And that's totally fine. I just hope it's a bit more edgy then MK Ultra was.
Oh yeah, I'd be well happy if it followed that vein.

Originally Posted by FabriPav View Post
If some songs are MK Ultra-ish-esque-dafuqitscalled, I'll be really happy. The brass song(s?) will be bombastic and immense, I think. And I personally need another song with a climax like Take a Bow.
Originally Posted by syzygy View Post
y'all i threw up in my sink last night i was so drunk I NEVER THROW UP WHEN I'M DRUnk but apparently beer, white and red wine, a few shots of fireball and cigarettes don't add up to a good stomach ANYWAY i woke my roommate up when i puked and now i feel really bad so will someone please help me write an apologetic poem plz thank u?

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