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Yes, in my chart ranking posted above the Muse singles released in the USA were ranked based on radio airplay at alternative/modern rock stations such as KROQ in Los Angeles and not on downloads or other sales.

"Uprising" peaked at No 37 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the USA. This chart combines radio airplay from all station formats/genres and also includes singles.sales such as downloads from iTunes as well as physical units sold.

"Uprising" debuted at No. 9 on the official UK singles chart while NSC debuted at No. 11 two weeks ago. I believe at least six other singles from prior Muse albums have charted in the Top Ten on the UK singles chart.

Also, I think Muse have now sold close to 11 million albums worldwide since 1999 as well as several million singles and digital downloads. Breakdown of estimated total global album sales follow below:

TR 2.6 million

BH&R 3 million

HAARP 700k

Absolution 2.5 million

OoS 1.5 million

Hullabaloo 500k

Showbiz 500k

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