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There were a number of comments which I was surprised at, namely how many people dislike Absolution. So I thought this would be a good, albeit obvious thread to do.

At this time what do people think is the best Muse album and why?

I would advise not answering the poll until the "honeymoon period" has ended. However if you're confident you won't change your mind, feel free.

Also what's everyone's least favourite record?

Favourite: Absolution; I like the greater emphasis on chillout songs.
Least Favourite: Black Holes and Revelations; I don't like the production.
I'm voting for The Resistance although i've only listened to Uprising and USoE but the stars seem aligned for this one to me. The cover art is my favorite EVER and this is the first time i've had to wait for an album, so i ought to be excited. The music also sounds like i'll it enjoy it a WWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHOOOLLLLLLEEEEE lot
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