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Originally Posted by t0r0n4d0 View Post
Can't agree with this part, lol. For me alcohol is an absolute must if I'm going to have soaking wet strangers packed against me like that. That doesn't mean I overdrink and act like a dick or puke on anyone. Just means I'm more equiped to particpate in the fun pit stuff and tolerate the bad pit stuff.

And yes there's risk of dehydration - and I have an absolutely crazy personal story about dehydration I won't share right now - but I usually limit the full-contact pit stuff to about an hour or less. I try to get in and get out. I've never tried to endure 5 or 6 hours of it.

To me the worst part is just standing for too long. Sore feet, sore legs, sore back - do not like. But in my experience the rough stuff mostly only happens up close to the stage. The other 75% of the fans in GA have a reasonable amount of personal space and can escape for a break when necessary.
she said drunk. There is nothing wrong w/ people wanting a beer or two but when they are drunk that is a different story...some people can't handle their liquor.
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