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Originally Posted by satan View Post
Center stage and to the left is ridiculous. If you're in the center and you expect to not be moved by a sea of people, forget about it, lol. If you're in the center and worried you won't have a good view of Matt, forget about that too, because most likely the crowd will pick you up a few inches off the ground the tide will push you to just a few feet away from him. Been there, done that, lol.

Its not so bad, you just have to get over the claustraphobia/loss of control. Its a mental trick. If you can lose yourself for a bit, you'll be fine.
ugh that is irritating. whenever you're at the side where the lead singer is people just freak the fuck out! I ended up in the center 2nd row at the mcr/muse gig. I regretted that very quickly forgetting that is exactly the spot where gerard performs on stage.
I was elbowed, kicked, kneed and pushed throughout most of the show.
Muse gigs I've attended:
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