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i didn't care to check if this has been said before, so if it's repeat stuff...sorry.

Don't encourage pushing. Pushing hurts the people up front and some people who aren't ready for it could fall and falling in a crowd is not fun.
Pushing will happen, I know, but don't egg it on...
If someone falls help them up.
Do NOT crowd surf b/c you think it's trust me it is not it's annoying to everyone. Only do it if it's your only way to get out of the pit.
If you see a crowd surfer's shoe apporaching someone's head don't be afraid to protect and cushion that persons head or at least forewarn them in some way. It's okay to look out for one another. The person at first may be like but once they realize why you did they will be all and that you saved them from getting a shoe to their head.
Do not wear heels/pumps in GA. It would suck if you're jumping and the spike of your heel stabs someone's foot.
yeah and do not wear flip-flops either.

get there at a decent time if you want a good spot in GA. don't expect to get there 30 minutes before the show starts and think it's okay to push your way to the front.

and last but not least...have fun! and look out for one another.

Originally Posted by Furygirl View Post
Percentage-wise, what are the chances that my glasses will get broken? I don't have contacts, and I kinda like to see. I've been wanting new ones, so I guess I don't care that much if they get pulverized.

Thanks for this thread. It's given me a lot to think (worry) about. I'm definitely someone who likes to do the research and be prepared.

they'll stay on your head, I promise! unless you get involved in moshing then there will be a huge chance they'll fly off.
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