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Originally Posted by Jobby View Post
Flow: Drones
Production: Absolution
Mixing/mastering: Drones
Lyrics: Absolution

Song-wise, Drones doesnít hit the level of Stockholm, Butterflies, Apocalypse, RBS or Endlessly but itís more consistently solid/enjoyable imo. It only really falls apart for the last two tracks and has a wee wobble with Mercy. Absoís wobbles are frequent, just more in terms of mood/tone than quality. Individually, S4A, FAWY and Blackout are decent songs but, in the context of the album, they bring the momentum to a sudden dead stop and jerk you in another direction so I canít enjoy them. Then youíve obvs got a few meh tracks filling out the rest of the album like TOADA, TSP and TIRO.

If Abso flowed, like at all, and the band had made better choices w/ what did and didnít make the cut, itíd probs wipe the floor with Drones.

Edit: itíd still probs be a way off BH&R and OOS for me though
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