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Originally Posted by Kati View Post
The mods adviced to reply on this thread to generic stuff which came up on the twitter thread.

Sippe, I've said this before and I'm saying it again: you cannot command me to reply your posts when I don't have time or energy to do that. It was quite obvious that you were not willing to accept anything I say, and neither of us was going to change his/her opinion. I can't be bothered to continue such an argument.

If you really want to ask me questions about my opinions on Muse and fandom, please collect your questions together and use a PM.
I could say exactly the same about you

You contradicted yourself, man up, move on. You're just digging a hole, and you can be guaranteed that Simon will choose it as his shitting hole
Originally Posted by syzygy View Post
y'all i threw up in my sink last night i was so drunk I NEVER THROW UP WHEN I'M DRUnk but apparently beer, white and red wine, a few shots of fireball and cigarettes don't add up to a good stomach ANYWAY i woke my roommate up when i puked and now i feel really bad so will someone please help me write an apologetic poem plz thank u?

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