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Originally Posted by oxoxox View Post
I can quote as I wish I liked the rest of the setlist sorta but that bit was just ew to me, just an opinion I've already seen the horrible cheese of deathstreak (Feeling Good, Unintended, Undisclosed Desires, Starlight) in a row and it made my eyes water
Trust me, if I had my wish, we wouldn't have any of those songs!

Oh by the way, I like your avatar!

OKay, here's my IDEAL set list with no restrictions....

(EDITED - I've taken out Escape and Hyper Music as I really only want to hear them live because they are so rare and Mk Ultra because I don't think it is as magic live as other tracks. Also took out Sing for Absolution because i fell it also loses some magic live like MK Ultra - better album tracks they are)

(EDITED - again, taken out SD and replaced with Megalomania - put the SD outro to KoC from Reading '06 instead)

1 - Hysteria (best opener IMO)
2 - Supermassive Black Hole
3 - New Born (needs to be early in the set to get you in a good mood)
4 - Map of Problematique (rocks live)
5 - Butterflies and Hurricanes (added because I just love it live)
6 - Uprising
7 - Showbiz
8 - Citizen Erased (piano outro leading into piano section)
9 - Cave (piano version)
10 - Megalomania
11 - Ruled By Secrecy
12 - Sunburn (piano version)
13 - Eurasia and Collateral Damage
14 - Feeling Good
15 - Unnatural Selection


16 - Plug In Baby
17 - The Small Print
18 - Bliss

19 - Knights of Cydonia
20 - Stockholm Syndrome

but this kicks too much arse so I'll just have to download different versions of these live tracks and put them on my iPod...
High note in Showbiz
Guitar solo in Escape and the line "I'll still take all the blame cos you nad me are both one and the same"
Piano solos in Cave and Rules By Secrecy
Matt saying "Fucking, fucking, fucking, fucking little, fucking, fucking little, fucking, fucking fucker, yeah!" - Radio 3 Live gig

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