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A set they could very easily do if they wanted to for a stadium:

Take a Bow
Hysteria + groove outro
Map of the Problematique + who knows who outro
Supermassive Black Hole
Butterflies and Hurricanes
MK Ultra
Citizen Erased + Piano Interlude
United States of Eurasia
Feeling Good (for the crowd reaction and casual fans)
Space Demenita
Ruled By Secrecy
MK Jam + Undisclosed Desires
Bliss (extended)
Unnatural Selection
Knights of Cydonia (MWH intro)

Piano Interlude + Sunburn
New Born (matt on piano)
Plug In Baby (balloons, or on bliss)
Showbiz + Ashamed Outro

Overture (UFO)
Dead Star + Micro Cuts Outro
Stockholm Syndrome + RIFFS

25 songs, all of which have been played in the last year (except for SD which was played in '08 and Showbiz which was played in '06) so easy and so good!!!
Stockholm Syndrome

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