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Originally Posted by darkshineskitty View Post
Maybe I'll drag myself up early to go to one of his office hours. That way its on uni time rather than his own personal time muhahaha. Because it is actually really nice to be able to show someone who knows what they're talking about and does their own writing my stuff, and see what they have to say about it.
Yeah, I'm sure it is. That sounds like a good idea.

I once was feeding remaining chips to seagulls, and then when I ran out I tossed pieces of gravel. The birds would race to get to it, but then realise it was inedible and go back to looking for something they could scavenge. However when I threw a piece, one bird was particularly eager and ran up to it, and gulped it down, before coughing it back up again, and hurrying away looking rather confused. I felt bad, but had to laugh
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