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Originally Posted by Alex View Post
This is probably something for the MB1 thread but does anybody have any information at all when these will be released next. I emailed the works today but no reply yet. I've had my name on the waiting list for about 6 years now and finally am in the position to put a deposit down so i'm hoping its soon!
Originally Posted by james90 View Post
If Ross0203 knows, we would be the first to know.

But I think he knows as much as we do.

Last I heard from Adrian was a few months ago and he said they're aiming to start the next run "around september." He also mentioned before that the first 20 to be emailed will have a week to reply and put down their deposit. I think before it was a first come first serve basis which seemed so unfair for the people that were on the list for so long.

I reckon we'll see the run announced soon after the SDL run is finished. I imagine they would have finished the 2016/17 MB-1s spec by now, I'm hoping carbon finishing is on the agenda... I suggested it at the guitar show and they had that idea floating about for a while

Also, the MB-1s is no longer on the Guitar Works' website
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