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haha they're not 30 yet, i don't think...i think two of em still have another couple of years or so to go. and 30 is when life really begins for most, you know. and you can actually settle down at any age as proven by, of all people, the youngest member of this band...who's already settled down at what? 19??? xDD dunno bout the other two. bellamy still seems a rather long way from settling down but even if he does, i doubt it'd be what'd stop the band from making music. if anything, it'd be the band feeling that they've done enough before pulling the plug. but then again you have bands like the rhcp, dt, tfl, u2, and many more who've been around for ages...who's to say muse won't as well, eh?

and hey, you're still a student right? chances are, if you ever pick to further your tertiary education overseas in one of the more commonly picked foreign countries (UK, US, OZ, etc), you'd get to see whatever festivals that go on there. and sides, you're young. who's to say what'll happen in the future? as such, i wouldn't worry too much about not getting any chances, if i were you.

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