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Originally Posted by paraluman
Actually seeing them live > A hundred thousand awesome live YouTube videos of them.

They're playing in Australia early next year...since it's near, probably they could fly to SEA soon after?
i was thinking of the exact same thing...

and about watching them live, i was watching their absolution tour in Glastonbury on dvd... and i was thinking to myself, "damn, i HAVE to watch them live before i die or life would not be complete!"
plus, i'm still in school, and Muse is about to be 30. i'm afraid that they might stop recording and settle down soon! and then they wont be touring anymore and if i miss it, i will not die happy. :| so why not just watch them whenever you have the chance! lol. which is soon, i hope.

and vspirit, i envy you! i'd KILL to be able to watch BDO. and sorry if all this talk is depressing. haha didnt mean to :P
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