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Santa 2.0/New Red Glitter - retired

  • Body: swamp ash (red glitter finish)
  • Neck: Birds-eye maple
  • Fretboard: ebony
  • Neck Pickup: Fernandes sustainer
  • Bridge pickup: Manson/Bare Knuckle MBK-2
  • Special circuits/mods: X&Y pad

Carbon - retired

  • Body: unknown (carbon fibre clad)
  • Neck: birds-eye maple
  • Fretboard: rosewood
  • Neck Pickup: stratocaster single coil (originally was fernandes sustainer FSK-401)
  • Bridge pickup: bare knuckle mississippi queen (originally was manson/bare knuckle MBK-2)

Matt Black

  • Body: unknown (matt black finish)
  • Neck: birds-eye maple (originally baked maple)
  • Fretboard: rosewood
  • Neck Pickup: fernandes sustainer
  • Bridge pickup: Manson/Bare Knuckle MBK-2

M1D1 gloss black

  • Body: unknown (gloss black finish)
  • Neck: birds-eye maple
  • Fretboard: rosewood
  • Neck Pickup: fernandes sustainer
  • Bridge pickup: manson/bare knuckle MBK-2
  • Special circuits/mods: X&Y pad

Glitter 7-string

  • Body: unknown (gloss black finish with holographic glitter)
  • Neck: unknown (gloss black finish with holographic glitter)
  • Fretboard: rosewood
  • Neck Pickup: sustainiac
  • Bridge pickup: unknown

Red Carbon

  • Body: Unknown
  • Neck: Birds-eye maple
  • fretboard: rosewood
  • neck pickup: fernandes sustainer
  • Bridge pickup: manson/bare knuckle MBK-2
  • Special circuits/mods: X&Y pad

Muse gear (continued)

Was the Black Manson/007 stolen?
No, no, no, no, no, no. While on the b&h single dvd it is seen that Matt throws the guitar in a bin during the American tour and someone takes it, the Manson did find its way back to Matt and was seen in use on stage 2 days after that event and is indeed still used.

Whats the seventh Manson/Rust Relic?
The Rust Relic is a guitar Mansons built for Matt alongside the Mirror Manson in December 2004 for the Earls Court shows. He did not use the Rust Relic live, and returned it to Mansons around a month later when it then went up for sale.

There are 2 non-mansons used in hullabaloo what guitars are they?
  • Ibanez DTX-120 destroyer in red/yellow sunburst (usually used for smashing or throwing away to the crowd)
  • Fender aloha stratocaster - Custom guitar made for Freddie Tavares (Hawaiian guitarist who played an important role in designing the stratocaster) made in 1995 by the fender custom shop one of only 153. has an aluminium body. They go for about 5000 but Matt bought his one for a few hundreds

What guitars has Matt regularly used in the past?
  • Parker Fly Most likely a deluxe.
  • Peavey Wolfgang. possibly two of these - one partially covered in grey tape (destroyed in 2000, now repaired and owned by a collector), and one completely covered in black tape.
  • Gibson Les Paul Standard DC Lite. trans amber finish with internal roland GK-2. GK-2 was eventually removed and the neck pickup was replaced with a humbucker sized P90 of some sort. headstock broke off sometime in mid-late 2000 (at the Dublin Olympia according to Matt), but was repaired and used a few times about a year later (notably bliss at heineken music hall 2001).
  • Gibson Les Paul Standard DC Plus trans black finish with strips of black tape added. Most likely this guitar was the replacement for the yellow Les Paul when the headstock broke off.
  • Emex Londaxe. modified with internal roland GK-2 kit and seymour duncan hot rails neck pickup. used during the showbiz tour. This was destroyed at the astoria gig on 31st January 2000. It made an appearance on the mimed TOTP performance a few months later, and looked to have been split down the middle and held together with tape.
  • Gibson SG x2. One SG-X with a mirror front, and one custom shop '61 reissue. Matt still has the '61 reissue, although it doesn't seem to get used much.
  • Yamaha Pacifica 120SD. modified with roland GK-2 and dimarzio pickups. Neck was replaced with an aftermarket stratocaster neck at some point. apparently was traded to Mansons guitar shop a while back, however this has not been confirmed.
  • Various Ibanez Destroyers (model DTX 120) and Icemans (model ICX 120). These guitars were usually destroyed or thrown into the crowd.
  • Gretsch Synchromatic G1627. used 2 or 3 times in early 2000, then destroyed.
  • White Japanese travel guitar with built in amplifier/speakers. Not much is known about this guitar at all. this was given to him by a fan.
  • Red Ibanez SC420 S-classic. Used very early on (pre-showbiz era).

What guitar was matt using in the video for....
  • New born? a black telecaster. (unknown make)
  • Plug-in baby? a Jay Turser resonator
  • Uno? an Emex Londaxe

note: neither the black telecaster or the resonator have been known to have been used live, it is likely these were just borrowed as props for the video.

Whats the guitar chris uses for unintended on hullabaloo?
Chris uses a Danelectro 59-DC (its unclear whether this is an original or a re-issue) and a Roland PK-5 Dynamic Midi Pedal.

What amps does matt use?

As of 2012:
  • Fractal audio Axe FX
  • Kemper profiling amp (x2)

In the past Matt has also used the following:
  • Diezel VH4 head (x2)
  • VOX AC30 reissue head
  • Marshall 1959HW reissue head (modified)
  • Fender Hotrod Deville 4x10 combo (possibly a dedicated amp for the roland VG-8)
  • Marshall JCM 2000 DSL 100 head and 4x12 cab (orange crunch edition). He apparently has two sets of these.
  • Soldano Decatone head and 4x12 cab
  • Orange AD30 head (single channel, has front modified to say "Deranged?")
  • Matchless DC30 combo

He supposedly used an Egnater M4 at one point, but it is unknown whether this was used live.

He also used two Marshall mode 4 cabinets with metal grilles on the absolution tour. These were also used on the black holes and revelations tour, but had the grilles removed and painted white

What is the shiny amp on stage behind Matt?

On the resistance tour, it was a Dickinson MK II 2x12 combo amp (loaded with monitor speakers and used for feedback - basically used as a speaker cabinet)

During the 2nd law tour, he had two custom monitors built by Dickinson which only have speakers and no amp.

Whats the white light pad on some of Matts guitar, is it a Kaoss pad?
The white pad is an X-Y pad thats used to control the Kaoss Pad KP2. The pad itself is not an effects device it requires the KP2 to generate the sounds.

What plectrum does matt use?
He uses a dunlop tortex .73mm with the Muse logo printed on them

What strings does matt use?
  • Ernie Ball string gauges: .010, .013, .017, .026, .036, .060
  • (7-string: .010-.080)
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