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Originally Posted by Sophia_Hysteria View Post
Ok,I know that American Idol was already broadcasted in America but....

YKYATMW you see James on American Idol singing Uprising and you want him to be the winner just because he chose a Muse song
I cut out of it the second the drum ppl came in.
YKYATMW you feel like saying "You fuck" after some boy in your class takes the girl behind you's cardboard sign and hits you on the head with least he got a detention...
YKYATMW you have every Muse single (and album) artwork on a slideshow on your desktop (they are one minute apart).
YKYATMW you put "Made in Cydonia" at the top of EVERY SINGLE PAPER you turn in for school.
Originally Posted by futurophy View Post
It's like going to a car dealership for condoms. You will wait a long time, not many people will come in and it will be awkward
(get my loveboat to 10k. i don't care how you do it just...dO IT please)

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