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Originally Posted by mynameisdebbie
yeah i'm a malaysian! and i'm gonna assume vspirit is a malaysian too. and er, i went to linkin park!! and i had a blast it was so freakin awesome. one of the best concerts i've been to. oh i forgot to mention incubus and hoobastank came too haha. i'm extremely sad that i couldnt make it to their gigs here. doubt they'll EVER come back though.
and i noticed something. malay radio stations seem to play more Muse compared to english radio stations.. i find that REALLY odd. hmm.

You see, Malaysian gigs are much better sometimes. Recently in SG there was Slipknot , Mayhem , Oasis , also Linkin Park, and now Yngwie Malmsteen and Slayer too . I didn't go to any of them. But i love Incubus. Y they skipped SG i can already guess.
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