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set up
FF -> EQ -> Whammy
Whammy Dry -> Main Amp
Whammy Wet -> Delay -> 2nd Quieter Amp

i use:
Fuzz Factory on (O'Clock)
Gate 7 Comp 10 Drive 1 Stab 1 (adjust to preference 5 kills oscillation)

Delay - Reverse
Mix - full wet signal into 2nd amp
Repeats - 1
Time - about 3/4's of a second or something like that

Whammy - 1 up / 1 down Harmony

I think the neck pickup sounds best for the main riff, i trem pick it so that it all blends together and then just put in some bends and hammers/pull offs etc.

set whammy on octave up/down harmony setting and just freestyle with the treadle through the riff.
then turn the delay off for the verse and use the harmony octave down for a chunky sound in the verse riff.
then rock forward in harmony to up octave for the chorus then back to down harmony for the verse and forward (up) again for the chorus.
then rock back down for the little interlude then put the delay back on and freestyle the treadle for the riff and into the solo bit, then turn the delay back off and rock the treadle forwards for the chorus and then back down for the outro....
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