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Originally Posted by Witz View Post
I would like to think that as Manson's have worked hard for years to get a top reputation that they wouldn't risk a budget line with another company ruining that for them, so I would imagine they will be one of best guitars around for that price range, of course they won't compare to the other signatures

Just hope they don't let Matt use them live as he has no regard for guitars costing thousands, can't imagine what would happen to these, perhaps turning them in to tree bark and spraying it all over the crowd!!!
I honestly don't think a cheap guitar vs the Manson ones he was smashing would change how he treated them. I lost the interest a bit in his trashing this tour because he had guitar specifically made to smash for the most part, and there were certain points in the set where he would be given that guitar, and then smash it just to be part of the show.

There were still the times they threw me off where he was tossing the Glitter or the Gloss MIDI though.
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