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Originally Posted by tmelmensdorp View Post
Wow, thank you for this information. I actually have one with a Taste Media sticker that does indeed say Promational Copy Not for Sale, which I find super awesome. Just one more question though. You say there are a couple of different versions of the promo cd. Does that mean that some have other tracks on them?

no, the tracks are the same.

there's a UK promo variant, where the disc itself is "splotchy" blue and has MUSE in red lettering on it (along with the Dangerous records logo)...

...and then there's a German promo variant, where the disc itself almost looks like a generic, plain-looking CDr with plain black lettering + logos on it. it says "Motor Music GmbH" on the top of the face of the disc. the German version is far rarer than the UK one.
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