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the MM EP numbered version was limited to 999 copies.

the copies that aren't numbered are promo versions. there are a couple different versions floating around. most promo copies have retained a "Taste Media" sticker on the back of the case; others have lost it over the years. some copies got no sticker at all.

i'd have to look at photos to see which version you acquired.

in any event, by all accounts, there were only a couple hundred promo copies (max) made in total; so, even though the numbered version sells for more on the open market, an unnumbered promo version (which is actually rarer in terms of number of copies)...sells for (oftentimes) quite a bit less! such is the crazy power of a little sticker with handwritten numbers on it...
Wow, thank you for this information. I actually have one with a Taste Media sticker that does indeed say Promational Copy Not for Sale, which I find super awesome. Just one more question though. You say there are a couple of different versions of the promo cd. Does that mean that some have other tracks on them?

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