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Originally Posted by Jobby View Post
This release method's gonna be a bit wank if they're gonna be spaced so far apart. If you get something not so great (like Dig Down), you're looking at 7/8 months wait until you might hear a good new song. At least with a normal album, if the lead single's not great, you've got a full album's worth of other material to look forward to within 2/3 months.
Right. Especially when the big lead single is something that most people didn't seem to like initially and will dislike even more when it pops up on the album. Assuming that Dig Down really had to be a thing, it should have just been released on some soundtrack or charity compilation. It's not the worst idea to release a track once in a while that keeps the band on the radio, Youtube, streaming services etc. but nobody would be too remiss if Dig Down was omitted from an album release 8 months later.

Considering the state of the music industry these days, how much does an album really matter anyway? Don't get me wrong. I love listening to a good album all the way through but I'm not sure how many people still do that.
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