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Originally Posted by Lakayitha View Post
Yeah x3 The KoC one is not that expensive a all, at least, not yet... Auction's over tomorrow xD
Though I don't really have much yet, I'm going to try and collect lots of things too xD
Also, I'd read the story on your blog before, about meeting Chris. I loved it! ^^
Thanks for reading, means so much to me! I'll post more stuff soon about the gigs I did last year good luck with the auction!

2010: Helsinki 19/7, Cracow 21/8.
2011: Reading festival
2012: Cologne 20/9, London 26-27/10, Sthlm 6/12, MALMÖ 7/12, Strasbourg 19/12.
2013: London 25-26/5, Manchester 1/6, London 2/6, Nice 26/6, Turin 28-29/6, Rome 6/6, Oslo 24/7 Helsinki 27/7, Abu Dhabi 2/11

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