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Originally Posted by james90 View Post
Interesting idea...mine is much worse

adding more pedals to it soon once I decide on which ones.
Another PDF-1?

A big one of mine will get x-ed off tomorrow when I pick up the Taylor...aside from that, it's basically DL-1, Moog guitar, Kitara, PRS or Suhr of some sort (a "versatile" guitar--not even sure I'll end up wanting something like that), a VH4 with cab and various pedals:

-WMD Geiger Counter
-Retro Channel Fuzz
-Wah Probe
-Malekko LoFi Ekko
-EB volume Jr.

that should about do it for me. Now to raise ~$20,000....
Originally Posted by Jamie™ View Post
Nice one... but dont you have enough jazzmasters?

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