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Please READ BEFORE posting!

Welcome to the Gigs and Tours area!

This area is for you to discuss individual Muse gigs. Use the thread for your gig to exchange information about tickets, the venue, the setlist you'd like to hear, and post your experiences and pictures afterwards. Please always use Search before posting a new thread. A thread for the gig you want to talk about may have already been made. You can also search within the threads or use Muse Wiki for information on older gigs.

Don't make threads requesting for the band to play a certain venue/area/country! The band/management DO NOT take requests when planning tour schedules. Of course we all want Muse to play in our country/town/front room, but if we have too many threads like this in this forum, people get confused... or unnecessarily excited! When a date is known, officially confirmed and posted in the Tours area of the website, you can start a thread about it here. If you'd like to speculate on where Muse might be playing next or perhaps ask if anyone knows about any tours possibly being planned in your region, please use this thread... or hassle them on Twitter.

Thank you!
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