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Originally Posted by Rainbow
What would you want to do /where would you like to go, if you go to Japan, Dan and lottie?

I like hanging out in variety stores. Their dessert items (pudding, cheesecake etc.) are inexpensive and good. Sushi is not bad, either. For a city, I love Kyoto. But it's very big and the heat in the summer is notorious!

The most memorable place for me was Koyasan (wakayama pref.)........ the mountain has been a sacred place for more than 1000 years, and the peaks are surround by dozens of ancient temples. I stayed in a temple one night and experienced a life in a temple bliefly. The food which cooked by monks were amazing, too. nonsense, huh? I'm loving it, Dan. I think i've drowned myself :fro: I visit Love Boat more often than Main Muse, lately.
i want to see temples!!! ..i love old stuff ... also i'd like to hang around a bit in city's, see if i can find some certain things i usually think of before i go off on holiday... (certain cd's, clothes, stuff for my room, y'know)... i can be quite a typical tourist really...

i'd like to skateboard somewhere there as well, but i don't think i'd get my skateboard with me on the plane, and i won't feel like dragging it with me all the time

love boat's nice, but i hang arout in main area-non muse a bit more...
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