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Smilie The Resistance Song Illustration Set

I'm again here, this time with the Resistance

Physics, demons, politics, a lot of hearts and love for life and world which is beaming right from your eyes and throat - that is what The Resistance is for me. The album about LOVE. To your man/woman as well as the whole Universe.

(Before you ask - NO, I don’t believe in the Illuminati, though sometimes I read about some conspiracy stuff, just because it is interesting enough to keep my foolish head occupied. Here I used all these symbols just to convey the right mood.)

If you want to share it on Tumblr, here you go: http://makoyanastryingtodraw.tumblr....t/126911011850 please reblog, not repost.



Undisclosed Desires

United States of Eurasia

Guiding light

Unnatural selection

MK Ultra

I belong to you

Exogenesis I

Exogenesis II

Exogenesis III
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