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Smilie Black Holes and Revelations Illustration set

So, my newest thing came up so far I still can't believe I made it, in some ways it was more difficult since the album is not conceptual like Drones and there was no story to tell throught the images... I hope I didn't screw it all up.

I remember some of you (and also some my Tumblr followers) requested making more album sets, so I decided to create one more about BH&R, since it is my most favourite Muse album.

Seriously, I’m very glad I did something about it because it is one of the most INSPIRING things I’ve ever heard. It often helps me not to give up when I’m sad. And also I'm secretly writing a fantasy/sci-fi book (which is currently my most precious baby) the huge part of which is loosely based on some songs from BH&R, such as some events, characters and locations. So, this album really means the world to me.

Also, if someone would like to share my works on Tumblr - please do not resubmit them, better reblog this post from my art blog. Same for Drones - I have a post with them too. I'm saying it now because there were people who saw my Drones work on this forum and reposted it on Tumblr without including any sources.

Well, my long story is over. Let's go with pictures!

Take a bow
(I know that it's not about bows for shooting arrows, I just wanted to include a pun here)


Supermassive Black Hole

Map of the Problematique

Soldier's Poem




City of Delusion


And my favourite one Knights of Cydonia
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