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Originally Posted by Tjet View Post
Yeah I don't even think it implies that.
Originally Posted by blubb0r View Post
They did somehow a rarities club tour - it was called "Psycho UK Tour" and it was just 3 years ago.

Bringing the "By Request" shows/rarities to Europe (and maybe the US) is a nice thing...
I think my thinking is tainted by the reasons why I kind of gave up on Muse years ago.

Promise people the chance to vote some of the setlist in 2010 ->end up with one requested song->immediately now assume you will get fucked with just 5 requested songs when SB got 10, just by seeing the number 5
Never play "deep cuts", as I guess they are called now, and for years emphasize stage production over setlists and the actual music-> it never even occurred to me Muse have actually done a small-scale tour in the previous years

Great to see that the band has been more "superfan"-friendly in the last few years. I assume this is because they've understood the value of holding onto the core fanbase now that the highest commercial heydays seem to be over, at least for the moment. Or maybe I'm wrong again, because I don't seem to know anything these days.
This too shall pass.
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