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این کامنت رو یه نفر توی یوتوب گذاشته بود که به درک بیشتر ویدیو سوپرمیسی کمک میکنه
If you pay a bit attention that at 0:27, the surfer's back shows "Fifty Year Storm". Then, I google that words, and it tells about a movie titled "Point Break". The plot is about an FBI agent who wants to chase down a number of a criminals called "Ex-President" who robbed a bank just from the cash drawers not the vault using a mask of former president.Found out that the criminals were a SURFER.Basically the criminals motive is not about personal profit, but just REBELLING against the "SYSTEM".
کانال تلگرام طرفداران گروه میوز
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