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Originally Posted by idealist
if there's already a thread like this i'm sorry. i searched, i swear.

i got the hullabaloo dvd from a couple of weeks ago and tried to play it in my roomate's ps2 console up at school. that didn't work so i figured it was the fault of megan's POS playstation. when i came home last week i tried it in our family's dvd player and it said something about how the disc wasn't readable. has anyone else experienced similar problems or did i just get a faulty disc set? damn technology
There is absolutely nothing wrong with the dvd in itself. Your copy can only work on a multi-sytem dvd player because dvds in Europe are region 2 while those in the US are region 1 so be very careful when you buys dvds, video games or vhs tapes abroad.

I got my copy of Hullabaloo in New Zealand and it's in region 0, which works on some US dvd players (not mine unfortunately!) but it works fine on computers.
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