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Originally Posted by exeryan View Post
I emailed them and they said there were a GA pit section for jones beach. What a bunch of liars. The best that came up was that seat
Jones Beach does have a GA pit section in front of the stage though. I'm not sure if that was already "sold out" or if you had to specifically select that instead of choosing Best Available. Row HH is technically 2nd row of reserved seating for Section E. Not a terrible seat by any means, but that does certainly stretch the definition of being "within the first 15 rows" - I see MM is also being sold for $299 VIP. That's pretty ridiculous.

Originally Posted by nc711 View Post
I kept refreshing until I got GA PIT 2 tickets for the same gig. They were 145.00 each. I really hope it's actual GA and not Lawn GA for 145.00 each.
I'm pretty sure Jones Beach does not have a lawn section behind the reserved seating.

*edit - yeah it definitely doesn't. It resembles a baseball stadium style seating.
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