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Originally Posted by Firebaptist View Post
It was on the site

It's sold out
Originally Posted by hyper_chondriac_muser View Post
do you mean this?

I got one brand new on eBay... still waiting for it in the post though

I wish they'd update the UK site with better stuff lol, I have a fatigue jacket but it's too big and there's tons of stuff from the tour they haven't put up. Fingers x-d that they'll reappear at Wembley
i think they didnt put stuff from the uk tour up because it sold out or sold well on the tour....
Originally Posted by Firebaptist View Post
That japanese red top is fugly
Originally Posted by Celtic Rose View Post
I think I'm going to sell my Plug In Baby vest, I can't cram my tits in it anymore, the design is going to start to crack.....
heh... they sell the plug in baby vests on MAM Merch place... so if you sell yours on you could buy another in a bigger size!!!

ill make a clicky. SHABAM! - MERCH. HUZZAH.
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