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Originally Posted by Gareeh View Post
Need more fuckin Scottish bant ya cunts!

Sorry just had to embrace our culture. Why is this thread so dead?
Originally Posted by Shannedo View Post
Exactly what I was thinking! Fit lyke the day, ma jocks?
Sorry, that was very stereotypical of me! Greetings from the north-east and may I say, it's lovely to meet other people like me from our beautiful country!
Edinburgh is a lovely city (I <3 the Fringe!), by the way and Glasgow is just brilliant. You're far more likely to be called a cunt by a complete stranger in Glasgow, which I just love!
lol scotland
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Originally Posted by musemomof4 View Post
I actually can't tell if I'm irrationally jealous of emilia clarke or if I want to kiss her.
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