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Originally Posted by jamesoshea View Post
But I could say the same thing about you in the "Dear Niall" thread. And Kati don't explain why you won't explain yourself. Cut out the middle man and just answer the question so that he will shut up.
At least I can actually man up and admit I was a prat though

Originally Posted by jamesoshea View Post
Ya but I could the same about you when you ducked Sippe's question (in the speculation on future gigs thread) because you realized you were wrong. So don't tell others to man up when you yourself are as bad.
You fail miserably at whatever the fuck that was.
Originally Posted by syzygy View Post
y'all i threw up in my sink last night i was so drunk I NEVER THROW UP WHEN I'M DRUnk but apparently beer, white and red wine, a few shots of fireball and cigarettes don't add up to a good stomach ANYWAY i woke my roommate up when i puked and now i feel really bad so will someone please help me write an apologetic poem plz thank u?

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