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Originally Posted by lewisfielding View Post
It seems like you're bit of a dick. How is Exo underrated?
Correct. I am a dick because I think something is underrated.

If you read carefully, someone actually agreed. Some people on here are extremely rude. Would you be like this to me in person?

You don't have to answer that by the way.
Originally Posted by hairolfitri View Post
Because God forbid a legitimate opinion question is asked around here.
NEC Birmingham 14/11/06
Wembley Stadium - 10/09/10
Reading Festival - 28/08/11
LG Arena, Birmingham - 30/10/12
Ricoh Arena, Coventry - 22/05/13
Eithad Stadium, Manchester - 01/06/13
Manchester Academy - 22/03/15
Download Festival - 13/06/15

O2 Arena, Prague - 04/06/16

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