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Originally Posted by leo212a
it disappeared *sobs*

now we have to answer all those questions on how to play citizen erased again grrrr
i'm working on getting a k&t faq back up so hopefully that should cover the citizen erased threads from appearing. tis a shame to lose all the tabs and stuff that people put time into working out. if muse bring out some new stuff i'll try think how to get tabs externally backed up incase muse goes down the pan again (which i think could happen since we're still on a pap server and last i heard there was problems copying the board across - course i might be wrong)

Orange in a Symmetry - i really like preacher i think i heard that before a while back. its well good. you should post entire song
Originally Posted by gjs
Well... I will not name names, but I PMed Miss Blee and kev with no response.

However the ever lovely Gem, came to my rescue and sorted me out. Swift and gentle.
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