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Originally Posted by Bs View Post
I'd had in mind some kind of black burst finish but I don't really know what it would look like with the body wood, so I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing at the moment. Need to talk through the options with Tim and then see where I go from there, I think. Need to sort it out soon though, haha! I also might have a favour to ask at some point but I'm not sure yet.
A favour you say?

And what was the body wood again? I have something that might be of help, but it's made of cherry from what I understand, so it'll look a bit different.

Originally Posted by bridge View Post
Yeah, I believe they're vaguely based on SRV's but I don't remember... I read a piece on them at some point. Sets of them alone go for 300-400USD on ebay and reverb. They were only ever fitted in his signature guitars. It's an acquired taste and not for everyone, for sure.
I would think SRV would have had stock pickups, but I really wouldn't know. Hopefully not like those SD Jimi Hendrix pickups.
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